Friday, September 21, 2007

Nature Through Lens in Pokhara - A Nature and Wildlife Photography Exhibition

Bug - Leaf Beetle
Nature Through Lens in Pokhara - A Nature and Wildlife Photography Exhibition
Showcasing best photographs of three years of Nature through Lens Exhibition Series in Kathmandu

September 22 – 23, 2007
Pokhara Udhyog Banijya Hall, Gairapatan
ENTRY FEE: Rs. 10/-
Contact: 9841-410305

For more information click >>> and also over

Nature Through Lens 3

Come and contribute to Nature Conservation!!!

Thursday, September 20, 2007 @ the bakery café, sundhara

We would like to invite you to a special edition of this Saturday to meet with two representatives of World Press Photo (WPP) who are here from Amsterdam.

Evelien and Ruth are WPP program staff who will give us a short presentation on WPP Contents, Exhibitions and Learning Initiatives. They want to meet with Nepali publications, learning institutions and the local photo community to discuss possibilities of bringing WPP initiatives to Nepal.

Please join us:

this Saturday, September 22nd 2007
9:45 am
@ The Bakery Cafe, Sundhara

Thursday, September 13, 2007 @ the bakery café, sundhara

Devika by Anita Khemka
Puja by Anita Khemka
Kanika by Anita Khemka
Poonam by Anita Khemka
Sonam by Anita Khemka

Anita Khemka is in town and we simply do not want to pass up the opportunity to see her amazing work and meet her in person.

"I am a New Delhi based photographer. The pictures I take are rooted in my experience as an Indian woman. I have been documenting the lives of eunuchs, male sex workers, the mentally challenged, people living with HIV/AIDS. Why do I choose these subjects? Well, maybe it has something to do with the people I interact with and my own sensibility." - Anita Khemka

You can sample some of her work with UNICEF at International Women's Day - Maternal Mortality in India

Please join us for a special edition of

this Saturday, September 15th
9am - 11am (yes we will be starting an hour earlier than usual - please be on time!)
@ The Bakery Cafe, Sundhara

see you all there :)

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Showcasing photography talents

These young talents have delivered appealing photographs that belie their age. Looking at these pictures one may wonder if it’s the work of a professional. Young children from six to 11 year olds participated in a three-month long training and travel organised by Spiny Babbler. The children sure have learnt a lot and this is evident in the photos that are on display at the Spiny Babbler Art Gallery. The beauty of flowers, daily events in the life of city dwellers or a kid enjoying himself amidst nature all have been captured beautifully.

The photography sessions conducted by professionals helped children know various aspects of photography, from composition, colour coordination to the technical sides of using a camera. Besides the theoretical knowledge children were also taken to various places like Godavari, Bhaktapur, Shesh Narayan temple, Ason, Teku ghat and other places as well. According to Param Meyangbo, programs director, this is being undertaken by their Education Focus Programs for weekends. The exhibition continues till September 14.

Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Wildlife Conservation Nepal / Photo Club photo sharing program

Wildlife Conservation Nepal / Photo Club is conducting a photo sharing program on Friday 14th of September 2007 at 3pm on its office premises. If you are nature photo enthusiasts, you can share your photo collection with other participants or just observe others' photographs. For reservation of the seat please call at 01-4289818. WCN has been conducting such programs on a periodic basis in every 45 days with an objective to bring nature photographers together in one forum to share pictures so that peer reviews is possible and also share experiences on nature photography.

WCN Photo club is established under WCN's Youth Environment Program (YEP) with a vision to help nature and wildlife conservation through photography. The club has been promoting the genre of Nature and Wildlife Photography among both Amateur and Professional photographers in Nepal and abroad. The Club is a not for profit and apolitical society of photographers.

Saturday, September 08, 2007


National Forum of Photojournalists (NFPJ) and US Embassy Public Affairs section cordially invites you to come for the photo presentation and talk AMERICAN ROADSIDE ARCHITECTURE by the Photographer John Margolies.

date: SEPTEMBER 10, 2007 MONDAY
time: 1 PM TO 3 PM

Thank you and anticipating your presence during the event.

Thursday, September 06, 2007

Images and sounds of Egypt

The 50th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic ties between Egypt and Nepal was celebrated with images and music of Egypt. A special photo exhibition by Egyptian photographers and a performance by the Egyptian dance troupe ‘Siwa’ was held at the Nepal Tourism Board (NTB) Hall on September 4. Egyptian Ambassador, Abdelhamid Mahmoud Soleiman and Subash Niraula, Officiating CEO, Nepal Tourism Board (NTB), Kathmandu, Nepal inaugurated the event.

The photographs showcased in the exhibition depict people from different parts of Egypt. Naglaa Samir, whose photographs are also exhibited at the event said, “I wanted to display the real Egypt so the subject of the photographs are real people from the middle and lower classes of the country.” She added that some of the photographs, including hers, were manipulated using different media to give it special effects.

In the second half of the program the audience got a taste of Egyptian music and dance. The performance of the troupe included dances performed during wedding celebrations and other traditional dances. One of the dancers presented a special piece, standing on a stick made up of wood of a palm tree. A member of the troupe said that such palm sticks were invented by their ancestors to walk during the floods. The troupe played traditional musical instruments like Tamborine and Dumbek.
Organised by the Embassy of the Arab Republic of Egypt, the exhibition and dance performance will be held at the NTB hall till September 7.

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Vibrant festivals: ‘Moods and Mazza’ by Pradip K Bajracharya and Herbert Grammatikopoulos

Moods and Mazza at Gallery 32
An exhibition of photographs and paintings entitled ‘Moods and Mazza’ is being held at Gallery 32, Dent Inn at Heritage Plaza, Kathmandu, Nepal from September 2, 2007.

Artist Pradip K Bajracharya and photographer Herbert Grammatikopoulos have successfully presented the environment and excitement of festivals around the Valley.

The maximum use of red and yellow colours against the black background add vibrancy and energy to the festivals Bajracharya has tried to present in his paintings. Paying attention to body language and tradition, masterstrokes of the artist has brought out the spirit of the festivals. The thrill and fun one experiences during the occasion has been captured vividly through vibrant colours.

Self taught photographer Herbert Grammatikopoulos, graduated in cultural science and ethnology and has been living in Nepal studying its rich heritage and culture. His photographs beautifully portray colour, motion and vibrancy of the festivals. The brilliant use of light and shadow brings the images to life. The masked dancers and the excitement of the crowd captured by Herbert depicts the ambience of such festivals. The exhibition is on till October 5, 2007.

Saturday, September 01, 2007 @ the bakery café, sundhara

Old woman by Mani Lama
Old woman by Mani Lama

The september edition of is very pleased to present the works of Mani Lama, Ashok R. Shakya and Alok Tuladhar on

Saturday, Sept 1st
10am (sharp) - 12 noon
@ the Bakery Cafe, Sundhara

when was the last time you went to a slide show? a real slide show with old school slides and a clickity-click slide projector?

our three lens men have impressive slide collections to share with us this month. Mani dai also has some of his new works in which he has tinkered with digital technology to create playful color constructions.

BYOP (bring your own popcorn!)- see you on SATURDAY!

***** organises these monthly picture gatherings to share photo work and give/ receive feedback. we hope to have editorial and layout representation to make things more interactive. students, artists, storytellers, visual scientists and photo enthusiasts from all walks of life are welcome!
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