Sunday, March 15, 2009

The Life of my Sisters

The Life of my Sisters.
A photoessay by Debby Ng & Edwin Koo
5 March - 30 April 2009
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Only a mere 28 per cent of girls in Nepal are literate, and less than three out of ten can read. Without essential skills, these girls risk falling victim to prostitution rings and child trafficking networks. Others are forced to live on the streets.

Education is the best hope these girls have of a normal life. A life of independence and true freedom.

For more than a decade, The Little Sisters Fund has been giving Nepalese girls a glimmer of hope through scholarships for underprivileged girls in Nepal. Photographers Debby Ng and Edwin Koo entered the homes of our little sisters - Nepal's hope for a better future. These photographs tell their story.

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