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'BASOBAS' of Birman Shrestha
edited by Angela PellicanĂ² techno 'Contemporary Art Gallery

Via correctors, 6
Reggio di Calabria, Italy

Show 'BASOBAS' of Birman Shrestha edited by Angela PellicanĂ²
techno 'Contemporary Art Gallery

From 27 February to 14 March 2010, the gallery TECHNE 'Contemporary Art presents' BASOBAS' of Birman Shrestha edited by Angela Pellicano.
The exhibition offers a glimpse through 27 shots of an anthropological and social Nepal seen from the objective of an unknown 'Nepali' (Man of Nepal).

The path Birman Shrestha has chosen is outside the tourist circuit and nothing and none of the persons proposed by him can be considered folklore as there is no representation or complacency of a people living a diachronic dimension.
The photographs come from a survey of Burmese territorial and the combination of time and of its authenticity.

There is construction but not randomness. Just wait, as we define the Nepali photographer, his career lasted five years.
His first exhibition in Europe, is only stop on his route in the West, will continue its project to deepen America where the techniques of photography.
Techno Contemporary Art with 'Basobas' continues the trilogy dedicated to photography began with 'Paradoxalvision' Margaret Crocco, an artist who works between Paris and New York and ending with a photo exhibition ever on the trip.
At the vernissage, which takes place February 27 pv at 17.00, will feature the artist.

Techne 'Contemporary Art Gallery - Via correctors, 6 (Palazzo ICFTU) Reggio Calabria
The exhibition will be open to the public from February 27 to March 14, 2010 daily from h.10, 00 to h.19, 00 (except Sunday)

0965-040268 - 339-1863561

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