Friday, March 28, 2008

Learn Photography from who knows best- A Two Day Photography Workshop

Learn Photography from who knows best- A Two Day Photography Workshop

Nature and Wildlife Photography has been a major part of WCN, for we believe photography can be a powerful advocacy tool for nature conservation. Photography reaches out to people of all ages and from all walks of life. Through this program WCN is trying to provide a platform for nature photographers to do justice to our natural heritage by capturing through pictures through their lenses so that its beauty or plight can reach out to people and bring them together to protect and conserve biodiversity. WCN has been organizing photography workshops in schools and colleges and for its in-house volunteers and this program has been particularly popular amongst the youth.

Book your seats by 15 April 2008
For more details or contact: 4289818.

About the Facilitators

Neil Eschenfelde
Neil Eschenfelder began his photography experience in college. Instantly hooked , Neil began working in the retail end of the photo business while working at numerous photographic venues including running a photo studio, working with the Salt Lake Public Defenders Association producing courtroom art for trail and working with several advertising agencies. Stretching from more traditional landscape, portrait and commercial photography. Neil brought his talents to bear becoming a SCUBA instructor as well as an underwater photography instructor, leading numerous adventures to the Caribbean and Pacific, compiling thousands of slides. Enjoying instruction, Neil agreed to exercise his abilities by joining the University of Utah's Lifelong Learning Department, developing a basic photo class then branching into digital by creating the first digital photo class which continues as a top draw to this day. Neil recently landed at Pixels Foto and Frame in Sandy, running the company education department as well as building the company's very successful photo safari program, including trips to Africa and expeditions to seek our polar bears in Alaska.

Nripa Dhoj Khadka
Nripa Dhoj Khadka, a senior instructor of Electronics and Computer Engineering at Pulchowk Campus has been leaching computers and electronics every weekdays for the last 25 years but during weekends and free time, he leads a different life- a life of a passionate nature photographer. It has now been over 30 years that he has been capturing images of wild flowers, insects and birds. Not very interested in fame, Mr. Khadka kept his work hidden from the world all this time; however talent and dedication as strong as his can never hidden for long. His work appeared in the public for the first time in January 2005 when he took part in a photography competition organized Wildlife Conservation Nepal (WCN) for amateurs. he participated in the competition because it was a charitable event for nature conservation and he came out as a winner and from that point forward he has not been able to crawl back to his shell from people who have begun to appreciate his work. And he today is called the bestókept secret in the field of photography of Nepal. A collection of his photographs of insect appeared in June issue of ECS Magazine. His photographic seminar organized by WCN in May 2005 for students to appreciate the ecology of Godawari was a huge success. He is currently advisor of the nature photographers club at WCN.

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