Saturday, March 29, 2008

Smiling State

A Smile Portfolio of Nepalese Leaders

March 23, 2008 - April 10, 2008
Presently, our country is going through many changes. Though most of us are not sure about the results, we are all hopeful for the best. We hope that the “New Nepal” everyone dreams about would come true in the coming days.

We have always seen the political leaders give heated speeches, protest in the streets and show their cunning sides. Very little have we seen them in their lighter moments. In this exhibition, Gallery 32 @ Dent Inn has collected those rare moments from the lenses of Pushpa K.C., where our leaders are seen smiling and sharing their lighter moments of life.

Pushpa has been exposed to many faces of the politicians in his photojournalism career. His interest diverted him to capture these light moments within the heated political moments.

We wish that after the election, the leaders would be seen smiling more than protesting on the streets. We also hope that the Nepalese people will be able to smile like their leaders in these pictures. We wish for a “Smiling State”!


About Artist:
Pushpa K C, Photographer
Pushpa KC who loves to take pictures of nature, started his photographic career from 1995 after completing his basic photography training. He Is involved with various national weeklies as a photojournalist since then. He is presently working with “Jana Aastha National Weekly”, a French magazine called “En…Vies” and other photographic projects.

His photographic journey includes work with Save the Children (SC)-UK (presently known as SC-Norway) as a Consultant-Photographer. His assignment with SC was to photo-document ongoing activities of SC-UK projects implemented in different parts of the country. Story collections and photographs taken by him was published in different publications of SC and was also exhibited in the national level advocacy event – The Journey of SoVAA projects titled “Our Voice-Our Emotion” in Kathmandu. His photographs can also be viewed in branches of Standard Chartered Bank.

His recent exhibition was held in Strasbourg, France titled “Scenes of Nepal”. He has also exhibited his photographs in various other exhibitions in past years.

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