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KIMFF - The 6th Kathmandu International Mountain Film Festival 2008

KIMFF, the only festival of its kind east of Suez, brings to Kathmandu Valley some of the most recent and exciting films about mountains, mountain environment, mountain cultures and communities from various corners of the world. KIMFF screens films produced during the last three years and features discussion forums, on-demand screenings, as well as exhibitions of books and photography celebrating mountains. The festival is organized with the conviction that human experiences in the world’s highlands, especially those in the developing countries, is worth documenting and sharing. KIMFF hopes not only to encourage a deeper understanding of the social and cultural realities of those regions but also to create a sense that the significance of those regions is often far-flung.

Rastriya Sabha Griha (City Hall) and Nepal Tourism Board
Exhibition Road, Kathmandu, Nepal

---------- RASTRIYA SABHA GRIHA (CITY HALL) ----------


3:00 PM
The Day After Peace 82’
Dir. Jeremy Gilley | UK 2008
The story behind International Peace Day.

4:45 PM
Yudha Chitra (Frames of War) 40’
Dir. Prem BK and Kesang Tseten | Nepal 2008
Reflections on the price of war.

6:00 PM
Karma 90’
Dir. Tsering Rhitar Sherpa | Nepal 2007
Two nuns embark on an adventure.


11:00 AM
Khoda 5’
Dir. Reza Dolatabadi | UK 2008
An animated psychological thriller

Jeeba Seema (Dead Yet Alive) 44’
Dir Sanjog Laaphaa Magar | Nepal 2008
Biopic on a Magar poet.

12:30 PM
Joseph Ki Macha (Joseph’s Son) 14’
Dir. Bobby Wahengbam | India 2007
A Manipuri couple search for their son.

Crying Sun: The Impact of War in the Mountains of Chechnya 26’
USA 2007
A Chechnyan village is ravaged by war.

2:00 PM
Dream… a mess of things 25’
Dir. Raghuwar Nepal | Nepal 2006
Nepalis discuss their dreams.

Hai Dupatta 30’
Dir. Tess Joseph | India 2006
Analysing the dupatta (stole).

3:30 PM
Raga of River Narmada 12’
Dir. Rajendra Janglay | India 2007
Classical music accompanies Narmada's flow.

Changa (Kite) 28’
Dir. Pooja Gurung | Nepal 2008
Father and son try to fly a kite.

5:00 PM
Translation Possible 11’
Dir. Susanne Horizon Fränzel | Germany 2007
Overcoming language barriers in Shanghai.

Malaamee (Funeral) 20’
Dir. Subarna Thapa | Nepal and France 2008
A surreal funeral.

6:00 PM
Die Legende von Shiva und Parvati (The Legend of Siva and Parvati) 85’
Dir. Krishna Saraswati | Germany 2008
A tale of a hippie-girl and an Indian ascetic.


11:00 AM
Mehendigong of Barisal at Estuary of Meghna 15'
Dir. Fuad Chowdhury | Bangladesh 2007/08
Monsoons play havoc in Bangladesh.

Beyul: Sacred Hidden Valleys of the Himalaya 30'
Dir. Tsering Rhitar Sherpa | Nepal 2008
Sherpas reflect on nature's bounty.

12:30 PM
Unity in Diversity 6'
Dir. Russ Pariseau | Nepal 2008
An inclusive Nepali women's team summits Everest.

The Eighth Summit 52'
Dir. Wayne Tindall | Australia 2005
An Australian climber's pursuit of Everest.

2:00 PM
Autumn in the Himalayas 60’
Dir. Malgorzata Skiba | India 2008
Buddhist nuns seek an education and enlightenment.

3:30 PM
i became... 6'
Dir. Arwa Mamaji | India 2006
A child is fascinated by a balloon.

Kathputali (The Angel of the Himalayas) 51'
Dir. Toshiaki Itoh | Nepal 2008
Modernity undermines tradition in Nepal’s hills.

5:00 PM
Petrol 12'
Dir. Jiban Bhattarai | Nepal 2008
Shortage of petrol fuels a crisis.

Chaukaith (Threshold) 31'
Dir. Deepak Rauniyar | Nepal 2008
A tale of two women.

6:15 PM
Awaken Eyes 28'
Dir. Binod Paudel | Nepal 2008
A couple conjugate their marriage, finally.

Irony 23'
Dir. Fidel Devkota | Nepal 2008
A twist in a young man's faith.


11:00 AM
Wa Quan (Living with Shame) 25'
Dir. Huaqing Jin | China 2008
Chinese waste metal collectors pay a huge price.

Apna Aloo Bazaar Becha - from subsistence ecology to the market 30'
Dir. Pankaj H. Gupta | India 2008
Globalisation arrives in a mountain village.

12:30 PM
Palash 20'
Dir. Sindhu Pokhrel | Nepal 2008
A physically-challenged seeks sexual fulfillment.

Sacred Mountains of the World 28'
Dir. Stipe Bozic | Croatia 2005
Philosophical reflections on mountain peaks.

2:00 PM
"Know Your Himal and Beyond" Quiz With Kunda Dixit

3:30 PM
Nonimi Gamana (Endless Journey) 10’
Dir. Henry Warnakulasuriya | Sri Lanka 2008
A poverty-stricken mother's dilemma.

TWISIN.....a reality not far away 35’
Dir. Prina Raj Joshi | Nepal 2008
A Newar farmer struggles against the odds.

4:45 PM
Cherub of the Mist 53’
Dir. Naresh Bedi | India 2006
Zoo-bred red pandas experience the wild.

6:00 PM
Vintuna (All the Best) 100’
Dir. Aaryem Nakami | Nepal 2008
A Newari couple's quandary.


11:00 AM
Ghughuti Basuti (A Twinkle Behind A Closed Eye) 16’
Dir. Geetika Juyal | India 2007
A child wonders at a speck of dust.

Liu Fei De Shu Jia (Liu Fei's Summer Holidays) 15’
Dir. Huaqing Jin | China 2007
A Chinese schoolgirl makes the most of summer.

Playground 21’
Dir. Eve Spence | Australia 2006
A brief, tenuous friendship between boys from different backgrounds.

12:30 PM
Amma 6'
Dir. Aparna Kapur | Canada/India 2008
Grandma on my mind.

Full Cover Girl 52’
Dir. Folke Ryden | Sweden 2008
About Iraq's aspiring women politicians.

2:00 PM
Bergschau (Mountain Life) 10’
Dir. Gerhard und Fridolin Baur | Germany 2007
Alpine life in spectacular pictures.

Twin Trek 35’
Dir. June Chua | Canada/Norway 2007
Multi-ethnic twins uncover a family secret.

3:15 PM
Jawangka Jindagiharu (Lives of Jawang) 35’
Dir. Ramesh Khadka | Nepal 2008
Portrait of a Chepang village.

Rightful Place 16’
Kenya/USA 2008
A Kenyan community stake their claim to ancestral land.

4:45 PM
The Sari Soldiers 92’
Dir. Julie Bridgham | USA/Nepal 2008
Women on the frontline of Nepal's conflict.

---------- NEPAL TOURISM BOARD ----------


4:00 PM
The Last Nomads 54’
Dir. Andrew Gregg | Canada 2008
In search of a lost people.

Die Hochzeitsreise (The Honeymoon) 15‘
Dir. Susanne Horizon Fränzel | Germany 2005
Love can move mountains.

5:30 PM
Chuan Yue Gao Yuan (Across the Plateau) 95’
Dir. Zhang Zeming and Paul Liu | China/ Australia 2007
Chinese cyclists take on a gruelling challenge.


11:00 AM
Red Velvet 58’
Dir. Klaus Reisinger and Frédérique Lengaigne | France 2006
Deer antlers are processed into Korean aphrodisiac.

12:30 PM
Burma's Open Road-An Insight into Myanmar 52’
Dir. David Adams | Australia 2007
Reconstruction of an ancient road impacts Burma's people and places.

2:00 PM
Red Gold 54’
Dir. Travis Rummel & Ben Knight | USA 2008
Alaskan fishermen vs. mining companies.

3:30 PM
Pustelnicy W Gorach (Pustelniks In The Mountain) 60’
Dir. Miroslaw Dembinski | Poland 2008
A father and his sons view life differently.

Jozef Juzek Psotka – Radest Zo Zivota (Jozef Juzek Psotka – Joy from Life) 26’
Dir. Pavol Barabáš | Slovakia 2008

Portrait of a Slovak mountaineer.
A Russian Wave 27’
Dir. Becky Bristow | Canada 2005
Exploring whitewater rapids in Russia.

6:00 PM
The Linguist 65’
Dir. Seth Kramer, Daniel A. Miller and Jeremy Newberger | USA/ Bolivia/India/Siberia 2007
Scientists race to document almost extinct languages.


11:00 AM
Les Nomades Du Cercle Polaire (Komi, A Journey Across The Artic) 52'
Dir. Andreas Voigt | France 2007
Reindeer herders embark on an arduous journey.

12:15 PM
Die Wetterpropheten (The Weather Prophets) 62'
Dir. Christoph Felder | Germany 2007
Weathering the odds in the Swiss Alps.

2:00 PM
Zed Kamenog Mora (The Thirst of a Stone Sea) 79’
Dir. Vladimir Perovic | Montenegro 2007
Awaiting the inevitable onslaught of globalisation.

3:45 PM
I Want My Father Back 70'
Dir. Suma Josson | India 2007
Why cotton is killing Indian farmers.

5:30 PM
China’s Stolen Children 88’
Dir. Jezza Neuman | UK 2007
Exposé on child kidnappings in China.


11:00 AM
Hjordeliv (Herdswoman) 58’
Dir. Kine Boman | Sweden/Sapmi (Lapland) 2008
Herding reindeer is not just a job.

12:30 PM
Pageant in Painted Scenes 59’
Dir. Merajur Rahman Baruah | India 2008
Mobile theatres in Assam fight the odds.

3:00 PM
Talk by Brigitte Muir
Touching the sky - A woman's journey from her land of factories to the top of the world.

4:30 PM
Aconcagua Speed Flying 6'
Dir. François Bon and Damien Dufresne | France 2008
Up and down a mountain, extreme style.

The Endless Knot 52'
Dir. Michael Brown | USA 2007
Fatal accident changes the course in a climber's life.

6:00 PM
Red Bull X-Alps 86’
Dir. Mario Kreuzer | Germany 2007
Highs and lows of a spectacular paragliding race.


11:00 AM
Talk by Nick Mason
An International Photographer's Experience.

12:30 PM
No Penguin’s Land 9’
Dir. Barelli Marcel | Switzerland 2008
A penguin's journey to the Swiss Alps.

The Skyrunner 30’
Dir. Niko Jäger | Germany 2008
Mountaineering at its most extreme.

1:30 PM
Des Hommes Sur La Montagne (The High Mountain Guides) 54'
Dir. Didier Hill-Derive | Belgium/France 2007
Becoming a professional guide.

3:00 PM
Talk by Ugyen Chopel
Reflections on my time in Bollywood and Kollywood.

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