Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Showcasing photography talents

These young talents have delivered appealing photographs that belie their age. Looking at these pictures one may wonder if it’s the work of a professional. Young children from six to 11 year olds participated in a three-month long training and travel organised by Spiny Babbler. The children sure have learnt a lot and this is evident in the photos that are on display at the Spiny Babbler Art Gallery. The beauty of flowers, daily events in the life of city dwellers or a kid enjoying himself amidst nature all have been captured beautifully.

The photography sessions conducted by professionals helped children know various aspects of photography, from composition, colour coordination to the technical sides of using a camera. Besides the theoretical knowledge children were also taken to various places like Godavari, Bhaktapur, Shesh Narayan temple, Ason, Teku ghat and other places as well. According to Param Meyangbo, programs director, this is being undertaken by their Education Focus Programs for weekends. The exhibition continues till September 14.

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