Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Vibrant festivals: ‘Moods and Mazza’ by Pradip K Bajracharya and Herbert Grammatikopoulos

Moods and Mazza at Gallery 32
An exhibition of photographs and paintings entitled ‘Moods and Mazza’ is being held at Gallery 32, Dent Inn at Heritage Plaza, Kathmandu, Nepal from September 2, 2007.

Artist Pradip K Bajracharya and photographer Herbert Grammatikopoulos have successfully presented the environment and excitement of festivals around the Valley.

The maximum use of red and yellow colours against the black background add vibrancy and energy to the festivals Bajracharya has tried to present in his paintings. Paying attention to body language and tradition, masterstrokes of the artist has brought out the spirit of the festivals. The thrill and fun one experiences during the occasion has been captured vividly through vibrant colours.

Self taught photographer Herbert Grammatikopoulos, graduated in cultural science and ethnology and has been living in Nepal studying its rich heritage and culture. His photographs beautifully portray colour, motion and vibrancy of the festivals. The brilliant use of light and shadow brings the images to life. The masked dancers and the excitement of the crowd captured by Herbert depicts the ambience of such festivals. The exhibition is on till October 5, 2007.

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